CLassic Raid Report

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CLassic Raid Report

Postby Oopsed » Wed Sep 15, 2021 11:10 pm

1 mc :
- Lucifron : mostly fine his adds are not linked with him and he only loots one piece of gear

- Magmadar : fight is normal the boss is a bit overturned like 40 k health

- gehenas : normal fight only dropped one piece of gear

- Garr is double spawned on has 40k health the other 125k adds are double spawned too and their health range from 5k to 20 k definitely needs tuning

- Gedon fight is normal

- Shazzrah is mostly ok

- Golemagg is alright mostly the dogs are not linked with him but thats not a big deal

- Sulfuron harbinger is ok cept for his adds that dont join the fight

- Majordomo executus : the adds dont really join in so you have to pull them yourself also you can loot the chest without pulling the boss

- Ragnaros : event and the boss work perfectly normal

- Trash : some of the trash is alright some of with is way overtuned in therms of health
- trash loot : mainly need to remove ... ng-goggles ( anniversary quest ) it drops on every trash
- Boss loot : ... dropped-by ( classic item removed ) ( all of those are classic quest items to be removed )

2 Blackwing Lair :

- Razorgore the untamed : event is broken , the orb dosnt do anything and by the time i got to the boss he was at like 40% from adds attacking him
finished him witch opened the gate but no loot
- Vaelastrasz : the fight goes well vael has about 20 k hp

- Broodlord Lashlayer : the fight is pretty normal cept the boss has 100K + health

- Ebonroc : fight is normal boss has 35 k health

- Flamegor : same fight cept the boss has 120k hp

- Firemaw : same thing but he went higher 170 k hp

- Chromaggus : went into evade mode as soon as i pulled him might need some comments from othes if they get a different result

- Nefarian : now that one is a bit of a mess

- Phase 1 : the adds spawn as intended but its pretty hard to kill them considering the boss teleports you every 5 seconds in a random spot of the room
- Phase 2 : by the time the boss arrives in drake form you still have a bunch of adds , your health is playing yoyo
to make it worse Nefarian curently has the highest health pool so far with 660K

3 Ruins of ahn'qiraj

- Kurinaxx : overscaled but fight is ok

- General Rajaxx : overscaled but fight is ok

- Moam : Working pretty good

- Buru : working good , the eggs dont seem scripted but the boss is definitely killable easely

- Ayamiss the hunter : to avoid currently , after a few seconds she teleports you to her altar when you are stunned and end up dying within seconds
once you release surprise you are still in combat , get teleported to the same altra and die again
... and again ... and again ...

- Ossirian the Unscarred : fight is ok ossirian is a bit overscaled in health , he also happends to be down in room instead of up the stairs when you arrive

- trash is actually ok in there

4 Temple of ahn'qiraj

- The prophet Skeram : boss fight works well just a bit overtuned / needs scaling

- the sylithid Royalty : needs some scaling : princess yauj has 4k hp / vem has 17k and lord kri has 45 k

- Battleguard sartura : scaling health requiered

- Fankriss the unyielding : same as the rest

- Viscidus : fight is normal but scaling is at 300k hp

- Princess huhuran : might need a bit of scaling but is ok

- the twin emperors : ok well each of them has about 180k hp and as i was solo they constantly heal due to them being too close to each other

- Ouro : has 125k hp couldnt get to him due to a pack of Qiraji Mindslayer in the doorway that mindcol you every 10 seconds reseting their aggro
but keeping you close enough to aggro back on you as soon as the mc fades they can keep that on a loop forever

- C'thun : First phase is fine but upon killing the eye phase 2 does not seem to start and you get stuck in combat with no boss to fight
only targettable this is a black mist on the floor called C'thun portal wich you cant interact with or attack

- trash : a lot need to be scaled down the same npc can have 8 k hp all the way up to 70k in some cases and that goes for all the mobs in there
the main issue is that npc at least for solo players : ... e:40player
and specifically this spell

ok thats the end of part one Burning crusade is next :D

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